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Does ECR increase patient survival rate?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 4 March 2015.
February Relaxing times for cardiologists.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 25 February 2015.
January Address the backlog issue or you will sink.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 7 January 2015.


November What makes an imaging department tick?
Or: How to be loved.

Aunt Minnie Europe. 12 November 2014.
September Have you read the best medical paper of the year?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 24 September 2014.
August Statistics plain and simple: Is there such a thing?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 30 July 2014.
July Claustrophobia, MRI and the human factor.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 2 July 2014.
May ISMRM: Indignation in Milan.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 21 May 2014.
April Screening mammography: the sequel.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 30 April 2014.
March A new paradigm for medical papers?
Or: Why we need less trash and more substantial papers.

Aunt Minnie Europe. 4 March 2014.
February Do we really need ethics in radiology?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 5 February 2014.


November Personalized EU funding.
Or: What should we make of the personalized medicine bandwagon?

Aunt Minnie Europe. 18 November 2013.
October US healthcare: the price of it all.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 2 October 2013.
July The copy-and-paste generation: plagiarism's many faces.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 27 July 2013.
June Diplomania – or the value of "excellence".
Aunt Minnie Europe. 13 June 2013.
May A practical escape to avoid the real topics.
OPr: Why all the sudden fuss about ethics.

Aunt Minnie Europe. 15 May 2013.
April Radiology and medicine – research or science?
Or: Is the science really so good at 'scientific' meetings?

Aunt Minnie Europe. 27 March 2013.
March What's 'molecular' in molecular imaging?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 1 March 2013.
February Nobel prose pageant – Peter Mansfield publishes his autobiography.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 22 January 2013.
January Moving to the dark side: Personalized medicine revisited.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 7 January 2013.


November Let's get personal.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 26 November 2012.
October Total reliance on autopilot is a risk to life.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 22 October 2012.
September Generation Y and the future of radiology.
Or: Is Generation Y outsourcing cerebral activities to smartphones?

Aunt Minnie Europe. 10 September 2012.
June Europe celebrates the forgotten pioneer of MRI –
Dr. Erik Odeblad.

Aunt Minnie Europe. 19 June 2012.
May Can we learn the art of good leadership?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 7 May 2012.
April The European Commission strikes again.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 16 April 2012.
March A dummy's guide to lecturing.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 3 March 2012.
February From ECR 2012: Is there anything new this year?
Or: Austria makes people happy.

Aunt Minnie Europe. 1 March 2012.
January Smartphones and tablets – the sequel.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 18 January 2012.
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December Are smartphones changing behavior in medical practice?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 3 January 2012.
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 Versión en español
 Version française
November Commercial forces can distort reality in imaging.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 14 November 2011.
October Let's "scan" the patient.
Or: Is it OK to refer to an MR "scan"?

Aunt Minnie Europe. 24 October 2011.
September CAD as CAD can.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 19 September 2011.
August Wikipedia: Information you can trust?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 15 August 2011.
July The jury's still out on airport body scanners.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 19 July 2011.
June Why 'feminization' of radiology is good news for patients.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 20 June 2011.
May Everybody suffers from publishers' thirst for quick profits.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 16 May 2011.
April Rude awakening: Will radiographers eventually take over?
Aunt Minnie Europe. 19 April 2011.
March The Guttenberg snippets.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 23 March 2011.
March Handle with care: The radiation debate.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 9 March 2011.
February Weltfremd is of no value to your patients.
Aunt Minnie Europe. 2 March 2011.


December Critics line up to pour scorn on impact factor.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2010; 26,10: 10-11.
May Airport security scanners arouse intense controversy.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2010; 26,3: 13-15.
April Thirty years take MRI from the cutting edge to sustainability.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2010; 26,2: 7,8,14.


November Recent events at WHO prove that bigger is not always better.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2009; 25, 8: 14,16,39.
March From ECR 2009:
"The latest results …"

Diagnostic Imaging Webcasts. 6 March 2009
March From ECR 2009:
"Walking down the corridors …"

Diagnostic Imaging Webcasts. 18 March 2009


July Radiologists meet with heavy collateral damage.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2008; 24,6: 19-21.
May If it moves, radiologists will want to screen it.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2008; 24,5: 12-13, 39.
March From ECR 2008:
What did you learn in school today?

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. March 2008.


November Quo vadis – where is medical imaging heading?
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2007; 23,11: 19-20.
May Pediatric radiology requires wide skill set.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2007; 23,5: 15-17.


November MR contrast agents reach 25-year landmark.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2006; 22, 9: 17-19.
May From ECR 2006:
Drive for perfection has potential downside.

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2006; 22,5: 15-16.


December Radiology must regain initiative in research.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2005; 21, 12: 10-13.
August Functional imaging leads hunt for 'buy' trigger.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2005; 21,8: 25-27.
April What has really happened in radiology since 1985?
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2005; 21,4: 17, 20.


October Radiology philosophy: Cartesian versus confusion.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2004; 20,10: 17-19.
April Are radiologists guilty of killing their patients?
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2004; 20,4: 13-14.
March From ECR 2004:
More science and love, less fiction.

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. March 2004.


November Researchers must define 'evidence-based'.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2003; 19,11: 21,23,47.
March From ECR 2003:
From EPOS without EROS to L5/S1.

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. March 2003.


December Expertise and judgment ensure turf war success.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2002; 18,12: 13-14.
October New, improved radiology demands better analysis.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2002; 18,10: 11-13.
July Screening programs must show clear benefits.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2002; 18,5: 12-14.
March Fundamentals benefit image reading.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2002; 18,3: 13-15.


December Europe gets entangled in complex language web.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2001; 17,12: 22-23.
October Radiology is a service industry.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2001; 17,7: 11-13.
May Resist healthcare's black market temptation.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2001; 17,5: 21-23.
March Beware of fads, fashions, and market-speak.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2001; 17,3. 19-20.


December Radiologists play God at their own risk.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2000; 16,10: 13-14.
October Bureaucracy and waste tarnish EU grants.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2000; 16,10: 23-24.
May Politics and medicine make an unhealthy mix.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2000; 16,5: 19-20.
March Tradenames confuse, bewilder, and amuse.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 2000; 16,3: 27-28.


November The front and back of medical journals.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1999; 15,11: 20-21.
September Some thoughts on comtemporary ethics in medicine.
Or: Moral high ground sinks to sleazy depths.

Diagnostic Imaging International 1999; 15,9: 17-18.
The Hippocratic Oath; Declaration of Geneva (1948).

May Bigger does not always mean better.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1999; 15,5: 23-24.
March Quality means back to basics.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1999; 15,3: 23-24.


September He who teaches is brave, not incompetent.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1998; 14,9: 21-22.
March Perils of being politically correct.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1998; 14,3: 21-22.


October Facts and figures – fiction and frustrations.
Or: Statistics lead to frustration, falsehoods.

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1997; 13,8: 17-18.
July From ECR 1997:
The European Congress of Radiology –
a European success story.

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1997; 13,7: 17-18.
May Time to think again about computers.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1997; 13,5: 23-24.
March When acronyms cause confusion.
Or: Alphabet Soup [with comments from Hamlet].

Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1997; 13,3: 19-21.


September Surviving life on the congress treadmill.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1996; 12,8: 15-19.
June The end of abundant times for radiologists?
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1996; 12,6: 19-20.
April Helping means more than a hand-out – radiology in developing countries.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1996; 12,4: 17-18.
February Radiology and epidemics, new and old.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1996; 12,2: 15-16.


August Drawbacks of the information autobahn.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe 1995; 11,8: 16, 49.
April News from the ultrasound front: avoiding abuse and overuse of ultrasound.
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1995; 11,4: 15-16.
March Do we need so many gadolinium chelates?
Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 1995; 11,3: 15,54.


October Do radiologists have a future?
Diagnostic Imaging International 1994; 10,6: 19-20.
April Publish and you might perish anyway.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1994; 10,4: 9-10.
February Medical ethics and the military.
Diagnostic Imaging International. 1994; 10,2: 19-20.
January Playing with numbers in the health care game.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1994; 10,1: 7,55.


July Why cutting costs is so hard in Europe.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1993; 9,7: 5,54.
May Better training leads to less costly health system.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1993; 9,5: 5,44.
January MR imaging: reimbursement and costs – a European potpourri.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1993; 9,1: 5,51.


June How to purchase an MR machine.
Diagnostic Imaging International 1992; 8,6: 5-8.
May What is behind high costs in medical care?
Diagnostic Imaging International 1992; 8,5: 7,53.
March Beyond the basics: is knowledge power?
Diagnostic Imaging International 1992; 8,3: 7,48,50
January What is normal?
Hospimedica. 1992; 10,1: 20-22.


August The slow life of clinical spectroscopy.
Hospimedica 1991; 9,9: 16-18.
April The field-strength war.
Hospimedica 1991; 9,4: 16-18.
March Relaxation times blues.
Hospimedica. 1991; 9,3: 16-20.


January Magnetic resonance imaging: How it all began.
Book chapter, in: Rinck PA: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Berlin: ABW 2003 (latest book version)

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